September 20, 2018

Two Common Plumbing Problems During the Rainy Season

Singapore is a country located in an area of the world where typhoons are prevalent. As a result, there is a considerable amount of time each year where this country experiences heavy rain. This affects the citizens of Singapore in many ways. For some time, the temperature during the rainy season is cooler than those of the summer months.

On the other hand, houses in Singapore experience various problems due to the heavy downpour of rain. One such system affected by these rains is your house’s plumbing system. It would be best if you are familiar with these problems and what you should do when they occur. Here are two of the most common plumbing problems during the rainy season.

Indoor Flooding

A water-related concern for every homeowner when the rainy season starts is flooding. This problem happens when the amount of water coming into your home has overwhelmed your drainage pipes. When this predicament starts, you can expect the lower portions of your house to have a significant amount of water.

Be careful because once this water comes in contact with your electrical appliances or sockets, you or any member of your family will face the risk of electrical injury. Worse, this electric shock caused by flooding can be fatal for anyone.

If you are worried about the dangers flooding may cause, the best thing to do is be proactive. To make this possible, you need to call on a professional plumber to help you out. This contractor knows the proper plumbing repair and maintenance methods that need to be done on your drainage system. Once this plumber is done with the corresponding repair and maintenance tasks, you can be sure your drainage system can handle the heavy amount of water during the rainy season.


Most homeowners may not be familiar with backdrafting but it is still a serious problem that needs your full attention. Basically, this problem starts when a huge amount of air pressure draws dangerous gases from your house’s plumbing system. This process is often accelerated by rain water whenever there is a storm.

This will result in the spread of these dangerous gases and unpleasant odors all over your home. If this happens, you might get irritated with the foul odors emanating from your plumbing system. Furthermore, you can catch a disease if you allow this problem to go on without solving its root.

The solution to backdrafting entails a closer look at your plumbing system and the vents inside your home. For starters, you need to check your ventilation if they are working properly in expelling unwanted air out of your home. You need to check if these vents have any form of dirt or debris that may be hindering the flow of air.

Next, you also need to have your plumbing system checked. If you suspect foul odors or harmful gases are emanating from your water tank or plumbing fixtures, you might need to call on a professional plumber to fix them. Once they have been repaired, there’s no way for any harmful gas or odor from spreading around your residence.