One of the key things you need to do when installing a shed is to decide where it should go. Selecting the right place for the shed is as difficult as choosing the shed itself. These five tips will help you determine the ideal location for your storage shed.

Consider Function

You must clearly define the intended purpose of the shed you are about to install. If you will be storing motorcycles or garbage bins, then you will need the storage shed to be at a location that is easily accessible from the front yard. If you will be storing gardening and planting tools, then you may want to install the shed closer to the plants and gardens. The rule of thumb is that the shed should be at a place where it will be more convenient to access.


You need to know what kind of land you are going to work on when building the shed. Look at the landscape of your home. Does it have huge rocks? Will you have to move the rocks away or could you build over them? Is there a large network of tree roots? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you will need to prepare the terrain first or move to a better place.

Consider Light and Exposure

Lighting vinyl sheds in ND is very critical, particularly if they are in a garden. There is nothing more challenging than working in your garden late at night and having to store your tools in darkness. Make sure the location allows enough sunlight to enter into the shed. If the location is dark, you can add a window or install electric bulbs.

Consider Drainage

Do not choose a place in your yard where water will collect and pool during rainy days. This is especially important if you plan to install the shed directly on the ground. Sheds usually rot, shrink and become structurally unstable once they get into contact with water. If you are not sure where water is likely to accumulate, you can peep out through the window while it is raining or check immediately after the rain stops.

Consider Landscaping

You need to consider the landscaping and future yard plans before you decide on a location for your shed. Remember, it is very difficult to move the shed once you install it, so take a moment and revisit your future plans to avoid complications. Are you planning to install a swimming pool in the next five years? Is the shed going to be the center of operations or do you want it to be tucked away at the side of your home? These are all important factors you need to consider before you pick the right spot.

We all want our sheds to work the way we expect them to. This is only possible if we choose the right location for the shed. Make sure the shed is in a place that is easy to access, lighted well and have efficient drainage.