Persian rugs are perfect blend of beauty, color, design and craftsmanship. But this question always comes to our mind if traditional or oriental rugs will look good in modern decor. So the short and clear answer is why not? It is astonishing to see how well these rugs blend into the contemporary interiors and provide an interesting outlook to your so modern space. If used the right way, Persian or oriental rugs can add depth and finesse anywhere.

That perfect color to otherwise bland room

Most of modern interiors are in neutral tones with most of as white. Here the traditional rug will add the perfect hues of color and gleam. This works as perfect base for the beautiful room. It also leaves you with variety of options to choose your other décor accessories. Like, you can select a colorful lamp that matches with your rug but is in contrast with your wall color. Also, the color of cushions on your sofa can be same as the colors of your rug.

The variety of patterns are available. For instance bold tribal images, geometrical designs or floral prints. In a modern room, geometrical designs blend seamlessly while tribal shapes need some effort with adjusting other decor as well.

Vintage vibe to low-cost accessory

The Persian rugs are also often linked to wealth and royalty. These rugs have unique patterns and color combinations and represent culture and history. It gives an idea to your visitors about your taste for antique and luxurious items. So, even without spending much on the artwork or décor items in your room, these can actually seem more costly than they really are. The vintage vibes from the carpet are sure to reflect upon every other item in the room and create a timeless look.

Easy maintenance and Oh, the Durability

Oriental rugs can last a lifetime with bit of maintenance. As it is already having plenty of colors, most of the dirt stains are not visible. So, you can relax and keep sometime between the cleanings. For some prominent stains, you can simply use detergent recipe to clean it without worrying about damaging your rug. A professional cleaning after every five years will be sufficient to keep your rug as new.

With such easy maintenance, traditional rugs are effortless way to add class to your modern room. Just make sure to select the right rug that does not overwhelm the interior.