Old basements are known for being cold and damp, yet those that are found in newer homes are often dry as a bone. They are still located under the ground where they are exposed to sometimes excessive moisture from groundwater and runoff, so what is the difference between a modern basement and an older one? In a word, it’s waterproofing. Newer homes are built with a waterproof basement in mind. After all, a basement can provide a lot of space for bedrooms, a den, an extra bathroom, or simply extra storage space. It doesn’t make sense to place all of that in a space that is cold and damp.

That might explain why your new home has a dry and comfortable basement, but how do you know when an older basement needs to be waterproofed? It turns out that there are some very clear signs that you will need to call a basement waterproofing service near you. Here are some of the more obvious ones.

You See Water on the Walls

If you look closely at the walls of a home that has an old basement, you might notice trails of water running down them. They might be faint, and it is possible that you will only see the minor damage caused by them, but they are still a sign that your basement needs to be waterproofed.


Mold is really a worst-case scenario when it comes to too much moisture in your home. If you see it, you definitely have larger problems that need to be addressed, but it also means that you have a moisture problem in your basement. Call somebody to take care of the mold problem, and have your basement waterproofed once that is done.

Water Pooling Around Your Foundation

If you aren’t sure whether or not you have a moisture problem in your basement by looking at it, take a good look around the foundation of your home instead. If you notice a lot of standing water around your home, it is definitely a good idea to call a basement waterproofing company if you haven’t done so already. It doesn’t mean that you have water in your basement, but it means that it is a definite possibility.

Basement Waterproofing Cook County Il

If you have an old basement in your Cook County home, don’t hesitate to call a basement waterproofing service near you today. After all, it will be a lot easier to prevent a damp or even flooded basement if you act sooner rather than later.