Many homeowners prefer to create livable spaces outdoors as part of their home construction or remodeling projects. For convenience, new additions to the existing house structure are put up to act as kitchens, storage sheds or as a garage. In many homes, metal sheds have not only become stylish fixtures outdoors and fashionable accessories for the yard, but they also serve many practical purposes such as storage spaces for food, farm implements, and other tools.

Why Are Sheds Fashionable?

Outdoor sheds are increasing becoming fashionable due to several reasons of practical value. Compared to sheds of wood, the metal structures are cheaper. They also provide a convenient means of stowing away tools in an obscure corner of the homestead’s lawn. And since they do not occupy a lot of space, homes with smaller gardens find them convenient. Constructing them does not entail a lot of costs because by using a do-it-yourself kit, you can quickly build a complete structure. It means that you will save on both the cost of labor and materials if you go for this type of construction.

And apart from providing practical solutions, they are sturdy, durable and they need very little maintenance. Depending on your preferences, the sheds can be custom-designed in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors.   Their strength aside, they are also popular because of the weather-resistant materials they are made of and the ease with which they can be assembled.

Types of Sheds

Traditionally, the construction of sheds was a bit monotonous because most of them had V-shaped or flat roofs. But with improvements in construction designs, they are now available in all manner of styles, shapes, and sizes. The materials mostly favored for building sheds are aluminum and steel because they are light, and their construction work does not require the laying of foundations. Many of the styles come with fixed shelves on the inner walls, and many homeowners buy them more for their utilitarian functions and durability than for their elegance.

Shed Construction are not the same, and the market offers a variety of styles each of which is suitable for a different purpose. Here are a few types:

  1. Barn Sheds

Barns are found on the larger side of sheds, and most of them can provide ample storage spaces that can accommodate different farm equipment and tools such as small trucks, hoes/rakes, and animal feed. Because they are used to store expensive farm machinery, they need to be of sturdy construction.

  1. Tools Shed

Typically, nearly all tools shed come with shelves, chests, and benches for stowing away tools, and they are ideal for a handyman’s job. Some of them are spacious enough to hold an internal workshop.

  1. Garden Shed

The name of this kind of shed indicates that they provide storage spaces for all types of items and tools needed for the cultivation and maintenance of a garden. The preferred location for constructing a garden shed is next to the garden. The components for storage are pots for fertilizer, shelves, and racks for farming tools. No matter their purpose, all sheds should be durable, lockable and stylish.