October 19, 2018

How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is something most of us couldn’t imagine living without. Sure, people lived with the heat for centuries before air conditioning came about but now that it is a reality of life, there is no sense going back in time and sweating at home any longer. That isn’t even to mention the technology, which just keeps improving year after year. Although you might not keep up with every new thing that comes out, there are some options you would want to consider.

Along with having an efficient and suitable unit for your home, it is also important to consider how often the unit is serviced. After all, you want to make sure it is up and running and, quite honestly, it is a lot less expensive to service your air conditioner on a regular basis rather than paying to have it repaired if it breaks down.

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to have your air conditioner serviced at least one time every year. In doing so, you will ensure that the unit is running properly and at peak efficiency. Like any type of home repair process, however, it is important to take everything into consideration. This would include the age of the unit and whether or not you feel that it is experiencing any serious problems. There are also some aspects of servicing the unit that may need to be done more frequently, even if everything is running properly.

The following is a general guide to help you keep on schedule with your AC servicing. Make sure you schedule any service calls in advance, so time doesn’t get away from you.

1 Year: General Servicing – As long as your air conditioner is running properly and without any serious problems, you should schedule a routine maintenance once every year. This will ensure that the unit continues to cool the house on a daily basis and that it operates efficiently as well.

One of the primary problems with running an air conditioner is that it tends to collect dust and dirt as it operates. During the annual maintenance visit, the unit will be cleaned thoroughly. This would also include the drain line, which could clog and cause water to back up into the unit or your home.

6 Months: Batteries – This is a problem that is often overlooked but it could be costly. The batteries in the thermostat should be changed every 6 months to make sure they are fresh.

Believe it or not, some air conditioning companies have taken advantage of unsuspecting homeowners and had them purchase an entirely new unit when the real problem was that the thermostat needed new batteries. Of course, using a quality company will help you to avoid that problem but it is still a good idea to change the batteries on schedule. If the unit stops working or stops cooling, check the batteries first.

1 Month: Filters – Most air conditioners have a removable filter and they can get dirty quickly, especially when the unit is operating on a regular basis. Check the air filter on a monthly basis to make sure that it doesn’t need to be replaced. Some units also have cleanable air filters but that is not always the case.

If the filter gets dirty, it can cause a number of problems. First of all, a dirty filter is probably circulating dirty air throughout the home. In addition, the dirt clogs the filter, so it does not allow the proper amount of airflow. This causes the unit to struggle while it is operating. In other words, it is much less efficient and can even shorten the lifespan of the unit.

As Needed: There may be times when the ac unit needs some special attention. These are issues that can be limited by routine servicing but there is always the possibility that they could occur in-between servicing as well.

Clogged Drain Line – This is more than an inconvenient problem; it could cause serious damage to the home. When the drain line is clogged, the water backs up into the drain pan and potentially in the home. Most people recognize they have this problem because they hear the dripping before they see the problem. Not only can this damage the drywall and studs in the area, it could lead to a mold problem as well.

Frozen Unit: There may be times when the unit will freeze over. When this happens, it will not be blowing cool air and the unit may be under a considerable amount of strain. If your unit freezes and you see ice on the outside of the unit take action right away. Turn off the ac until the ice melts and contact a qualified ac technician right away.

Why Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

There are some homeowners who decide to tackle this project on their own but not everyone has that DIY ability. The best thing you can do is to get a service contract with a local ac technician, they educate you about bluon energys refrigerant compared to r20. Not only will this allow you to get the service done regularly (and without thinking about it), they will often give you a discount if any repairs are needed. When you have your ac serviced regularly, you will enjoy the following benefits.

Lower Energy Bills – An efficient ac unit is much less expensive to operate.

Cleaner Air – Since the ac is cleaner, including the filter, the air in your home will also be cleaner.

Longer Unit Life – By having the unit serviced, you cut back on the potential for problems and extend the life of the unit.

Peace of Mind – There is nothing like the feeling of not having to worry about your ac unit.

These are just a few of the benefits that you will experience when you have your air conditioner serviced on a regular basis. Take the time you set up a service contract with a company in your area. It will truly make a difference.