August 22, 2018

A Safe Room May Provide Critical Protection During an Incident

Protecting yourself and your family should always be a top priority. Homeowners frequently assume because they have decent doors and locks on a window that safety has been maximized. As long as there is something else that can be done, the maximum level of safety has not been achieved. Those worried greatly worried about personal protection should consider the value of adding a safe room to their residence. An effectively designed and built safe room may be able to provide an otherwise impossible to achieve a level of security until law enforcement arrives at the scene.

A Vault Room

A safe room is, in essence, a vault room. Safety rooms can be used to secure personal belongings and valuables in a storage area that would be incredibly difficult to breach. The overall size and dimensions of a safety room, however, are such that people can fit inside of one. After entering a safe room, the threat of a home invader may very well be neutralized.

A Door Isn’t Enough

Some might think it would be just as effective to install a lock on a standard bedroom door. This belief doesn’t take into consideration the fact that basic bedroom door is designed more for privacy. Thin wood and a weak lock aren’t exactly designed to withstand the force of someone trying to kick the door down.

Other Things to Consider

Looking at safe rooms for sale, you quickly realize these protective pods offer far more protection than any basic door and lock combination could afford. Still, there are things to take into consideration when purchasing and installing a safe room.


  • Reaching the Room

A family should have a clear plan in place regarding how to actually reach the room. During a home invasion or other serious incident, everyone involved likely will panic under such a stressful scenario. Without having practiced a clear game plan to reach the safe room, a plan that covers a multitude of scenarios, reaching the room may prove difficult. Perhaps it would even be wise to hire a personal protection expert to come up with the right strategy.

  • Know What to Have in the Room

A bare safe room won’t be as helpful as one with necessary essentials. The room should contain a dedicated phone, either a landline or a cell phone. During a high-stress response to a home invasion, everyone may forget to grab a telephone. As long as one is in the safe room, then all who enter would be able to contact the police to request an immediate response. Think of what other things can be added to the safe room. Medicines, water, and more may be necessary components to keep inside.

Work with the Best Designers

A safe room will only be as good as it has been designed and installed. Anyone interested in the benefits of a safe room really needs to contract the design and installation from top experts. Doing so increases the likelihood the safe room delivers the desired level of protection.