September 20, 2018

Why You Need a Fast and Reliable Irrigation Repair Service in Victoria

Growing and maintaining a beautiful garden or lawn requires a well-tuned sprinkler or irrigation system. Without a good irrigation system, you will spend many hours every week dragging a hose around the place. If you have an old irrigation system that needs repair, it is important to hire experts who offer fast and reliable irrigation repairs to prevent your yard from drying up. To maintain a beautiful lawn or garden, you should have a good irrigation system that is functional, and a reliable maintenance company to contact when trouble hits.

Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Irrigation System

If you have been practicing irrigation in Victoria for some time now, you are aware that irrigation systems are very finicky and hard to manage. From homeowner gardens to big commercial irrigation systems, there are many things that can derail the operation and call for irrigation repairs.

Some potential problems include popup spray heads ceasing to pop up, rotary spray heads ceasing to rotate, a power failure resetting the system incorrectly, a contractor cutting through a pipe, valves leaking, tubing becoming kinked, nozzles and small tubing clogging with dirt, and filter screens becoming clogged.

Why You Require an Irrigation Repair Expert on Speed Dial

Some of the issues mentioned above are not dreadful emergencies, while others are. If a contractor installing a driveway, cable line or something else cuts through a main pipeline, then the only way to keep your yard from flooding is to turn off the source of water to the irrigation system and contact a repair expert immediately. If a filter clogs, with enough time and water pressure, small pipes can burst. You might not realize that until there is a very soft spot in your garden and, your water bill has grown exponentially for no clear reason.

Non-emergency irrigation repairs include issues with kinks in pipes, leaky valves and spray heads. These issues tend to do more harm to the wallet than the garden, as they are very expensive system failures. It is important to have a reliable repair expert come and make the necessary repairs as soon as possible.

In between emergency and non-emergency irrigation repairs are power outages and incorrect system resets. This can be a catastrophe if you are away on prolonged travel. Either your yard will be excessively watered, allowing for fungal and other diseases to creep in, or more likely, your yard won’t be watered at all, causing your lawn and flowers to dry up. If the system resets itself when you are home, you can simply call an irrigation repair expert to fix the issue.

Preventative Irrigation Repair and Maintenance

A number of the issues mentioned above can be prevented with proper irrigation repair and maintenance. Just like you have your teeth cleaned regularly to prevent cavities, you should have your irrigation system cleaned and tuned at least twice a year to increase its performance and efficiency. When it comes to irrigation in Victoria, a little bit of system preventive maintenance can go a long way. But when an emergency strikes, ensure that you have a reliable irrigation repair service that you can call.