September 20, 2018

The Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen Review

The Nest is recognized as a smart-thermostat of choice when it was introduced in 2011. Google purchased Nest Labs due to their impressive thermostats, but this product has not changed much in the last few years. However, it is still one of smartest ways to control the cooling and heating in your home with minimal effort.

About The Set-Up And Installation

One of the areas where Nest excels would have to be the setup. The actual hardware-installations are like the majority of the smart thermostats and will alter depending on which and how many 24-volts wires your system currently uses. Nest supports the C-wire but does not require it. The instruction manual is incredibly detailed, which makes hardware installation a simple task.

The Nest can support multi-zone, heat pump and multi-stage HVAC systems, although the typical when it comes to these thermostats is that multi-zones will require some Nests across the home. Over and above that, the web browser and app provide a host of choices when it comes to control. You can choose to let it run with the default option to maximise your savings, or you can take advantage of the superior scheduling interface.


The 3rd-Gen Nest Learning Thermostat offers several new features. This webpage breaks down the features in greater detail. The previous models relied on the near-field sensors within a 3-foot range to detect motion activity, the 3rd-Gen features far-field sensors as one of its latest functions known as Farsight. This particular feature allows you to see the current time or the target temperature of the thermostat in either digital or analogue mode from a further distance. In this way, you can check the temperature or the time without having to be close to your Nest. Also, the improved resolution along with a larger display means that you can now easily read them.

Other features include the Home/Away Assist and Family Accounts that assist in improving performance. The Family Accounts allows users that live in the same home to set up their Nest accounts. Once these accounts are set-up, the Home/Away Assist activates by tracking each account associated with their phone location.

The 3rd-Gen also features a function known as Furnace Heads-Up for the homeowners with forced-air furnace systems. This innovative feature tracks the time that the forced-air furnace turns off automatically to prevent overheating. Also, if Nest detects potential issues, it alerts the user on the Nest app, on the energy usage email and the thermostat-screen.

The Pros

  • Luxurious, stylish design
  • User-friendly app
  • Intuitive interface
  • Has the ability to save you money on your gas bills

The Cons

  • Needs a constant connection to power
  • Still expensive up-front
  • Your energy savings are not guaranteed.


With improvements from one generation to the next, Nest Thermostats become more natural to recommend. The latest 3rd-Gen is the ideal choice for homeowners looking for a way to save on their energy consumption bills and those who prefer not to exert too much of their effort and time in doing so.