September 20, 2018

Learn A Step By Step Process To Select a Canadian Solar Panel Company That is Right For You

Solar panels are always a long-term investment, meaning it’s crucial that you vet potential providers thoroughly so you can find the one that’s right for you. However, when faced with potential dozens of providers, who do you pick? How do you choose? If the options are overwhelming you or you’re just totally unsure of how to get started, then keep reading to learn a useful step-by-step process that provides the rudimentary layout of picking a reputable solar provider for your home or business.

1) Make A List Of The Options:

Start your list with a Google search. Make your query something like “solar provider state city” to get information on everyone in your region, as some of them might be willing to travel enough distance to work on your structure or property. Compile your list in whatever kind of document you prefer, whether that’s a notepad and pen or an actual spreadsheet on your computer. Jot down names, contact information, and details that matter to you as you investing both small businesses local to you or national companies which provide service to the state you live in.

2) Verify Credentials:

In a lot of instances, the experience of a company might matter more than its size, speed, or price. Check each business website to see how long they’ve been doing things. You might even note how they advertise how many different systems they’ve installed in their history, as well as what kinds of roofing they’ve successfully worked with.

Also, check for specific credentials. State-mandated licensing is a must, but you might also want to look for certifications that the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) gives out.

3) Consider Local Installers Versus The National Players:

When you are going over the options among your providers, you need to differentiate between the locals and the nationals. While every provider is different, the national player tends to be larger companies with better-established products and services, and possibly even more comprehensive warranties. You might even get additional payment options and extra maintenance services, like panel cleaning.

Alternatively, a local solar company like Avvia RE is far more likely to have familiarized itself with any state rebates available in your area along with permitting requirements specific to your county. Also, since they likely don’t serve as many customers and locations, the entire process might move faster. That can mean you make more appointments for getting price quotes and even speed up your installation. There’s not a right or wrong way to go here. Just be mindful of what each size company might offer you and note in your documentation which size is which.

4) Look at Financing Options:

It’s not enough for a solar power provider to have panels that can find your structure or property; their financing options need to meet your budget too. Your choices can range from just paying in cash to leasing to loans to signing up for a power purchase agreement. Companies with multiple options are obviously easier to work with.

5) Go Through Reviews:

If this compilation and sifting process hasn’t yet made it obvious who to call for a price quote, go through the available reviews from previous customers. You need only to trust something this size to someone that’s going to treat you well. Online reviews can make it obvious who should get the first crack at your business and who deserves to sink towards the bottom of your list.