September 20, 2018

Insulation Contractors in Vancouver

Properly insulating and fireproofing your house or commercial building can help in enhancing its safety, comfort and boosting its energy efficiency, hence significantly reducing your energy costs. However, for optimal results, you need to ensure that the insulation and fireproofing materials are installed by professionals. Luckily, there are insulation contractors that are committed to providing superior insulation, fireproofing and fire-stopping solutions for different types of buildings and structures.

Insulation Contractors in Vancouver

If you have a building that requires insulation or fireproofing, you will find renowned insulation contractors that can meet your needs. Their companies have experienced insulation experts who can install, repair or replace a wide range of insulation and fire stopping solutions. Whether you need help with the installation of spray thermal insulation, or superior quality fireproofing in Vancouver, these companies have what it takes to meet your unique needs. You can count on them to provide you with:

1. Fireproofing Services

These experts can provide spray fireproofing for joists and columns, floor and roof assemblies, as well as steel beams in commercial and even industrial environments. Moreover, they normally use superior products and very advanced fire protection systems, which help in ensuring quality installations that are able to meet the industry standards for fireproofing. If you require fireproofing in Vancouver, you can count on these experts to help.

2. Spray Foam Insulation

These companies are also well-known for installing spray foam insulation for commercial and residential units in Vancouver. Here, the insulation material used is sprayed polyurethane foam, an eco-friendly insulation option that is more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. One of the greatest advantages of this option is that it can be used on both existing, as well as new structures and is often used in retrofit applications. It is also known to be a great vapour and air barrier.

3. Spray Thermal Insulation

This is a spray-applied glass-fiber based insulation solution that is used in institutional, industrial, commercial and even multi-unit residential projects. It is a very versatile and highly-effective insulation solution that is designed to meet the highest standards. Thermal insulation is an ideal solution for projects with hard-to-reach areas and can be used on just about any surface, including overhead and vertical configurations.

  1. Acoustic Application

When planning any building project, it is extremely important to consider acoustics in the development of any space. For instance, any large space that has numerous hard surfaces that reflect sound can be quite a nightmare for the user. Fortunately, these contractors can install spray-applied acoustic applications which absorb sound, hence reducing the reverberation time, while making music, announcements and speeches more intelligible. Unlike the pre-made insulation which may not fit different structures, the spray-on acoustic insulation is more effective, as it conforms to a surface for seamless application.

These experts are also known to offer topnotch fire-stopping, as well as void foam and concrete applications. The best aspect is that these contractors always adhere to very high safety, as well as professional standards. Their eco-friendly solutions are energy efficient and will save you lots of money in energy bills. Whether you need the installation of spray thermal insulation, or fireproofing in Vancouver, these insulation contractors can help.