Indian weather has it all – hot summers, shivering winters and humid rainy seasons. Three major seasons can be experienced all over India except the parts situated in the northern side. When we talk of Pune city in particular, the weather is pleasant and moderate. But with each passing year, the weather in Pune is becoming unpredictable. In this article, let’s see how you can make your 1 bhk flat in Pune climate ready so that you and your loved ones are least affected by the changes taking place in the outer environment.

Make your house climate ready with following tips.

  1. Hot soaring temperatures in the summers make life miserable and you tend to work less due to tiredness. This is the time when schools have holidays and children are at home for the full day. You might think of installing coolers or air conditioners to make your life easier. These options are not so much environment friendly as these appliances consume lot of electricity. On the other hand they prove to be useless during power cuts. Make sure that you buy and install energy efficient appliance inside your house.
  2. Use insulated curtains for the windows that open directly towards the sunlight. You can also use twin curtains for more effectiveness. Using the khus curtains is another cool option. You can find ample of these sheets in the local markets. However, make sure that you have proper cross-ventilation to avoid suffocation
  3. Use lighter colors for furniture covers or bed covers and even wall paint. Dark colors absorb heat easily which can pose a problem during the summer season
  4. Putting plants inside your flat can also make the place feel cooler than usual. This requires extra attention from the house owners in terms of watering, maintaining, etc. Fresh oxygen from the plants will not only cool the surrounding, but also provide other health benefits
  5. During rainy season, try to keep the floor as dry as possible. Keep two sets of rugs at the door so that your footwear is always dry before you enter the house
  6. Keep your house clean & tidy. An unclean house invite various insects like housefly and mosquitoes during the rainy seasons.
  7. Winter is the pleasant season of the year. Check for the time when the sunlight can directly fall inside the house. Keep the curtains open for some time and let the sunlight make your house warm in naturally.
  8. Prepare your house for winter by putting rugs and carpet on the floor. Cover the maximum floor area to retain heat. In case of intense cold you can opt for electric heaters.
  9. Keep the unused room closed during winter season. Also, check whether the windows and doors have any gaps
  10. Since your house and the building you reside in brave intense heat, torrential rains and extreme cold, the material deteriorates over the years. You can check for cracks in slabs or walls during the cleaning and repair it as soon as possible. This will keep your house in good conditions during all seasons