Installing carpet in your living room is a big job, one that requires a lot of specific decisions to be made ahead of time. This is something you should only have to do once, so choosing carpet that fits the room and decor in which it is being installed should be done carefully. Baton Rouge carpet cleaning has some advice for picking a carpet that will last and look beautiful for years to come.

Many carpet stores will have a wide range of colors, styles, and material from which to select your perfect carpet. You can browse one showroom after the next and look at endless amounts of swatches, but unless you have vital information that pertains to your living room prepared ahead of time, it’s only going to make the task that much more difficult.

In an effort to avoid the many potential pitfalls that can emerge when you’re trying to select the right type of carpet for your living room, here are just some of the things you should keep in mind before you go shopping. If you can give your dealer this vital information, he or she can then advise you on the grade, style, color, and recommended material that would be an ideal fit for your room.

Room Traffic

Since this carpet is going to be put into your living room, the amount of traffic coming and going through it is going to be considered relatively moderate to high. But you should also take a few other factors into consideration, such as whether or not there is direct access to the outdoors from the room.

If your living room leads to an outdoor deck, patio, screened porch, and the like, this might play a role in deciding which carpet to select. The room is already going to see increased foot traffic, but when you include indoor/outdoor access, that can have a further potential impact on the life of the carpet you choose.

Pets and children are also important components to consider. Both can be rough on the carpet and since this is going into the living room, your carpet needs to be able to stand up to the wide array of potentially damaging impacts that pets and children alike represent.

Color and Style

Foot traffic, outdoor proximity, and pets or children are all indicators of how busy the room will get. Bright colored carpet will show stains a lot more easily than darker carpet, but darker may not always be best for certain rooms.

One thing to consider is the size of the room. Though your room will have moderate to heavy foot traffic, a smaller room can appear larger through the use of light-colored carpet. If the room is bigger, then darker color carpet can make it appear more comfortable and inviting, whereas lighter carpet might make it feel cold or formal.

Lighting is also an important factor when choosing the right color and style. Bright, natural light will bring out the actual color of the carpet while less light can make a lighter color carpet appear darker than usual.