There could be a number of reasons that succumb for a factor in diluting strives for making the office an ideal one. A customer will gust a negative attitude towards such an organization that has failed to exhibit an ideal professional behavior. Installation of Office Furniture in an inappropriate manner may be an attitude that causes negative buzz-out of the customers and office employees.


  1. Offices without recreation space: It is hard for a worker for the entire working hours solely towards the official attributes. Thus, they will need some space for recreation in-between. Timely recreation will help to refresh them adequately and they will be able to concentrate more on their work, thus bringing up an enhancement in productivity.
  2. Unhygienic environment: We wonder why there is ample plantation in an office and the adjacent areas. Not only it inculcates aesthetics, but there are scopes for healthy acumen too. Plants play a good role in reducing the amount of pollutants in air that help them being a solid defense against germs. These germs may cause drowsiness, irritability, lack in concentration, fatigue and nausea. Plants serve to mitigate all these factors.
  3. Disorganized Furniture: An improper set up of Office Furniture in an office can also cause fatigue among workers. They will find the environment of the office simply frustrating. A disgusting looked setting of furniture will draw the attention of the staffs away from the office and they will become less or unproductive.
  4. Desks are not cleaned: According to the principle of clean desk policy, all the gazettes, papers and other things should be removed from the desk and put in the appropriate place on the previous day before leaving the office. A clean table brings out rejuvenating experience before start of a new day’s work. It stimulates the work hormone. It is also possible that when a table is not cleaned on the day before, a paper of importance is lost. There may be possibility of fraud too. Desk-cleaning ensures that everything is put in place.

It is important to know beforehand about the essentials for the business that the company is carrying. Before taking any decision about set up of Office Furniture in the office, an efficient person should be consulted about the facet. A proper consultation will help lessening or omission of the faults thus mentioned.