Conducting a professional home inspection is not an easy joke. If you thought you could check for all the repairs, cracks and leaks in your home by yourself, you are mistaken. You need professional help with these, definitely. Inspecting your home demands you to check the interiors and exteriors of your home with great care and details, which can be done only by qualified and certified inspectors. Unfortunately, finding good home inspectors in Kankakee County or any part of the world is never easy. Since there are too many good options, you have to try your best to choose the one that is most suitable for your needs. Listed below are some tips that will help you in this process.

Check for certifications

When you are looking for home inspectors, the first thing that you have to lookout for is their certifications. Just because an inspector charges you a low fee, never hire a newbie in this field. A home inspection is all about the experience. The more experienced an inspector, the more detailed the inspection process would be. So, choose only those inspectors that certified by authorized organizations like the ASHI (American Society for Home Inspectors). Certified inspectors are credible and more reliable.

Do they carry out all kinds of inspections?

This is an important question that you have to consider before you opt for professional home inspections in Kankakee County or elsewhere. Some inspectors don’t conduct inspections on the exteriors of a property. If you are looking for somebody to check the weed growth and the quality of the outer drainage systems in your house, such an inspector wouldn’t be of any help to you. So, you have to understand clearly about the scope of work of a particular inspector.

Conduct personal meetings to know them more

Once you have drilled down on a few certified inspectors, ensure that you conduct personal meetings with them to understand more about them, their attitude and their style of work. They may be experts in their respective profession; however, if you don’t feel good/positive vibes around them, the results wouldn’t be as expected. So meet them and ask the right questions. Are they individual performers or do they have a team? What do and don’t they inspect? How long would they take for a complete inspection? By when can you have the report? Will they involve you in the inspection and report writing process? These are some of the questions that you have to ask to choose the right inspector. Ask for sample reports and referrals of previous clients as well from these inspectors.


The professional home inspections in Will County, Kankakee County or anywhere else that you choose should be adept in technology. They should use sophisticated tools like circuit analyzers, digital meters to assess moisture levels, analyzers to check the gas levels, digital cameras and the like. With the help of these, they can conduct accurate examinations and prepare the right report with photos and findings, in a detailed manner.  This step is very important; therefore, you have to ask them about the tools that they plan to use during your first appointment itself.