Who doesn’t want a commercial cleaning services provider who provides the highest level of customer service while at the same time ensuring that your cleaning expectations are achieved? Not every janitorial cleaning services provider will offer you services that give value for your money; and if you don’t know how to evaluate the level of services you’re provided with, you could easily get a raw deal and not know it. The following are indicators that your janitorial cleaning service provider is the real deal.

  1. Proactive – You will know your cleaning services provider is the real deal if your relationship doesn’t simply end at mopping the floors. A worthwhile commercial janitorial service companies will also go out of their way to notify you that your trash bagsor tissue paper are running low. If they notice any security issues like unlocked doors way past normal working hours they will tell you about it. Providers who also conduct random quality audits are also the real deal since they are genuinely interested in ensuring that you get the highest quality services from their employees.
  2. Flexibility – Your cleaning needs could change when you change your business operations or incorporate new employees. A good janitorial cleaning services provider should be capable of adopting fast to such changes. Some of the changes they might experience and should be quickly comfortable with include changing of the service days or time and decrease or increase in service appointments. In fact, a good provider of commercial cleaning services should tailor their cleaning plan so that it meets your cleaning needs and budget, and in a way that it can quickly change without you experiencing inconveniences.
  3. Responsiveness – Human is to error. No matter how experienced your commercial cleaning services provider is, they are prone to making mistakes. How they address these mistakes is what will cut out good providers of janitorial services to the ordinary ones. Stick with the provider who addresses mistakes promptly and puts in measures to ensure that there is no repeat of the same mistakes.
  4. Quality –Ultimately, you are not hiring a janitorial cleaning services provider so that you clean up after they have completed their duty. You deserve a provider who will be able to offer all the services indicated in the service agreement including cleaning of desk items, light switches and door knobs, and pushing in chairs. Consistency in the quality of services is also a key determinant to the prowess of the cleaning company.
  5. Reliability – a good commercial cleaning service provider will havestaff that shows up on time and ready to start their duty. Your contract should clearly state the days and time when you expect the staff in your premise and should there be a random hindrance like bad weather the company should notify you early in advance.